Popcorn Friday is a tradition that the kids love and at only 50 cents per bag. When you let your child order popcorn on Popcorn Friday that money goes toward supporting PTSA sponsored student programs.  And what can be easier for both you and your child them supplying them with a popcorn pass! No more forgetting that 50 cents!

Get Your Popcorn Pass

Paypal/Credit Card

Order your popcorn passes online! Paypal will require an additional 2.2% plus 30 cents per transaction, but ease of mind that it is done? Priceless!

Online Popcorn Pass

Submit Form


Print out and complete the Popcorn Pass form and place it in your child's green folder to submit.


Make new friends & have fun! Popcorn Team volunteers sell fresh popcorn during lunch recess two Fridays each month.

Help give our kids a fun treat while supporting our PTSA. 2017-18 Popcorn Sales earned almost $2000 for our school. It’s an easy commitment and we have a great time!

If you would like to join us, please email popcorn@agbellptsa.org, or check out the sign up genius link at http://agbellptsa.org

We look forward to popping with you!
- The Popcorn Team