We make the audition process a fun experience. We will introduce ourselves, talk a little bit about the show, perform monologues and, if we have time, perhaps play a theatre game. Below are some tips for a successful audition and some links for places that have monologues online. We always have a monologue practice session (not required) the week before auditions where you can work on your performance and even pick out a monologue if you do not have one already.


Tips For Auditions

  • Selecting Your Monologue:
    • Always keep your monologue under the time limit.
      (Under 60 seconds for our shows.)
    • Make certain it is school appropriate.
    • Avoid using a character from the show you are auditioning for.
    • Do not use a monologue from Alice In Wonderland or Wizard of Oz.
      (They are over-used.)
  • Creating An Engaging Monologue:
    • Memorize the monologue completely so you can be confident.
    • Make certain you can be heard, are expressive and move around.
    • Determine what your character wants and find new ways to get it.
    • Find a spot out in the audience/director area that you are speaking to.
  • Performance Tips:
    • You should expect a chair and nothing else for props when auditioning.
    • Before starting, introduce yourself and the monologue you will do.
    • Let the director see you change into that character.
    • Do not use props in an audition - the director is there to see you act.
    • Do not worry if you forget a line. Keep going - no one will know but you.
      • If you get stuck, pause (in character) and start again.
    • Do not worry if director stops you or asks you to try something.
      • That only means they have confidence in you to try it.
    • If asked to sing - do not be timid. Put your voice out there!
  • After Your Monologue:
    • At the end of your monologue, always say "thank you".
    • Return anything you used in your monologue.
    • Be a great audience member and support your fellow actors.
  • Relax, smile, be confident in yourself and have fun!

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